About Defyyne Prints

Custom T-shirts in Oceanside, Ca

Hi my name is Angel Mora. I am the owner of Defyyne Prints. Born and raised in Oceanside, Ca. 

As an Oceanside local I wanted to bring the best custom t-shirts to individuals and businesses. 

Like many my go-to custom shirts were always screen-printed t-shirts. Which have never let me down but there were also some downsides. 

The minimums were always 25 pieces or more and getting full-color designs was always a struggle. 

Having had prior experience in a few shops I thought there had to be a better option but unfortunately, it seemed like every other option lacked longevity and quality. 

Having had prior experience in the industry I decided to open up Defyyne Prints. I knew that using heat transfers would bring up questions, especially when it came to quality. 

Don’t they peel? Heat transfers don’t last and so on. 

Our mission was to create the best custom t-shirts that were comparable and in some areas better than screen printing. 

I can’t speak for all heat transfers but ours are made to last. I always say it comes down to the professional doing the work. Our heat transfers last just as long and sometimes longer than screen-printed designs.

Our main advantages are the ability to provide 10-piece minimums, full-color designs, and amazing customer service. 

With retail being the way it is and the majority of orders coming in online we decided to forgo having a retail space and instead provide free delivery in North County San Diego and are always able to accommodate you if you are located outside the area.

As always if you ever have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out. We are always here to help answer any questions.

Custom T-Shirts and Apparel in Oceanside, ca and Surrounding areas

Defyyne Prints is a locally owned print shop serving Oceanside, Ca. Our mission is to provide you with quality custom T-Shirts and apparel at an affordable price. Our ten piece minimum gives you the flexibility to test out a few designs and than move onto a larger print production.

Our prints are made to last and are comparable to any traditional screen printing. The best part about choosing Defyyne Prints for your custom t-shirts and apparel is vibrant full color options. We are able to print your full color designs at no additional cost. 

We don’t have a physical location we can visit but we produce all your T-shirts in Oceanside, Ca. The cost of having a store front didn’t make sense especially when most if not all of our order are being placed online. We are able to answer the majority of questions through email or a phone call.  

When it comes to finalizing your order we let you know when your order is ready and we can deliver to you or arrange for pickup. 

If you’re a local business we can deliver directly to your business so you don’t have to worry about taking time away from your business. 

If you have any questions feel free to reach out. Give us a call at (760) 208-2803 or send us an email at defyyneprints@gmail.com

Create Your Custom T-Shirts

We provide single color, multi-color, and full color printing
options in Oceanside, Ca and San Diego County

Custom T-shirt shop in Oceanside, Ca

Screen Printed Heat Tranfers

Screen printed heat transfers feel just like the real deal Get quality custom screen printed shirts without the set up fees and high minimums. Perfect for light and dark garments. Perfect for single colors, multi-color, and full color custom apparel.

Our order minimum for screen printed heat transfer apparel is 10 pieces.

Direct To Film Heat Transfers

Direct to film transfers are a great way to print your new design. They offer a hybrid feel that is in between vinyl and screen printing. Softer feel than vinyl with the added benefit of vibrant colors. Perfect for light and dark garments.

Our minimum for direct to film heat transfer apparel is 10 pieces.